How do I optimize my battery life during a live shopping event?

If possible, plug in your smartphone during the livestream.

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Amer A. Khajil
June 13, 2021

If you are using your smartphone for livestreaming, you should keep your phone's battery in mind to ensure an uninterrupted livestream. Livestreaming is an battery-intensive task since your phone is simultaneously capturing video & audio, uploading it steadily to the internet, all while your phone screen is on. Some tips include:

  • If possible, plug in your smartphone during the livestream: some tripods and ring light stands allow for easy cable management. If you can plug in your phone while it is on its stand, we recommend that you do that.
  • Charge your phone to 100%: prior to the livestream, ensure that your phone is charged to 100% so that your phone battery doesn't come in the way of your livestream.
  • Close all background apps and stop background refresh: we often have many apps open in the background on our smartphones. We recommend you exit all of these apps except for the one used for livestreaming (such as Larix Broadcaster). We also recommend you stop background application refresh; this is used by the application to automatically refresh data even if the app is closed.
  • Turn down the screen brightness: we encourage you to use the front-facing camera during your livestream so you can continuously see yourself during the event. That being said, we also suggest you turn down the brightness as-needed (ideally to 50% or below) to conserve battery life.
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