How do I install the Shop Studio Live app on Shopify?

Follow these steps to install the Shop Studio Live App in your Shopify Store.

Post by
Tiffany Li
June 14, 2021

Let’s get you started by downloading the Shop Studio Live (SSL) App on the Shopify App Store.

On the app listing page, click Add app.

Then, in your Shopify admin, choose your plan, then review and the authorize the app charges by clicking Install app.

(First time on the Shopify App store? Checkout Shopify’s video tutorial on installing apps.)

Once you’ve installed up the Shop Studio Live app in your Shopify store, set-up your Account and modify your preferences in the Shop Studio Live's Settings page.

Now that you’ve set-up your account, you’ll be greeted with the Shop Studio Live Dashboard every time you log-in.

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