How do I highlight Featured Products during my livestream?

Click "Next Product" or "Previous Product" in the product carousel in the Control Room.

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Amer A. Khajil
June 14, 2021

During the live shopping event, you can highlight the products you are showcasing in the Control Room. At the beginning of the event, click "Start" in the Featured Product carousel. Then, as you talk about products during your livestream, you can click "Next Product" to highlight a specific product for your viewers.

To learn more about how to select the Featured Products before your live shopping event, check out this support post.

Once you click "Start," you will be able to navigate to the "Next Product" or "Previous Product" in your Featured Products list.

For viewers, they will be able to see the currently highlight featured product on the left-hand side which is showcased during your livestream.

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