Where do I go to start live streaming?

The Control Room is your central hub for live streaming before and during a live shopping event.

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Amer A. Khajil
June 3, 2021

After you've created your event, you'll have access to the Control Room from the Dashboard. You can visit the Control Room to get comfortable with its interface and the broadcasting experience (keep in mind, you can explore the Control Room without going live).

The Control Room is made up of four main sections:

1) Live Stream Setup: You can find instructions on how to connect your smartphone to Shop Studio Live and activate the connection. Detailed instructions can be found here.

You can connect the live stream without going live so that you can test the connection and get comfortable using Shop Studio Live.

When you're ready to go live, click the "Go LIVE" button and you'll be prompted to confirm that you're ready to go LIVE!

2) Live Shopping Metrics: to the left of your live stream is a carousel of metrics to help you understand the performance of your live shopping events. The KPIs will be blank prior to the live shopping event and get activated when you go LIVE. These metrics include number of viewers, comments, product clicks, adds to cart, orders complete, and revenue generated. That way, as you're live streaming, you can see the impact that your live shopping event has on your business!

3) Live Chat: Prior to the event, there will not be any chat messages here. Once the event begins and viewers begin to engage, this is where you can see chat messages from viewers. While you can respond in the chat, we also encourage you to respond to any comments or questions in your live stream.

4) Products: These are the featured products that you have pre-selected when creating the live shopping event. When you begin your live stream, you can click "Start" and click through to the appropriate product by clicking on "Next Product" or "Previous Product." The selected product will be highlighted to all viewers in your live shopping event. This allows you to easily guide shoppers to the products you are talking about.

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