What's the best set up of the room for live streaming?

A carefully planned space makes it easy to go live - and look sharp!

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Tiffany Li
April 26, 2021

It's important to determine WHERE to set up. Of course, wherever you stream your live shopping event, you might need some tips and tricks from live shopping veterans.

1. Environment set up

  • Set up in a well-lit area to get the best natural light.
  • Set up in a quiet area to minimize distractions and background noise.
  • Set up by a blank wall or area where there aren’t too many distracting items behind you. 
  • Opt for a space where you can easily access everything you need (e.g. sitting at a computer desk, standing behind the kitchen bar counter or bar table, etc.).
  • Prop your products up so your live audience can also see everything that you will be showing (e.g. display your products beside or behind you on tall bar tables, chairs, etc. where you are able to easily reach for it).

2. Production set up

  • Set up your camera, audio, lighting equipment along with your computer near a power supply. Keep in mind, this could be as simple as having your smartphone on a small tripod!
  • Test all your equipment before going live. 

3. Appearance

  • Dress for success! Change out of your pajamas and into something that aligns or reflects your company’s brand identity.

4. Practice & test

  • Position yourself and your products in front of the camera with all your equipment set up. 
  • Record a test 1-5 min test run to check that all your equipment is set up, products are within arms reach, and you can still easily monitor and respond to Q&A questions that come through the live chat.

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