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Go LIVE with your customers - directly in your online store

Shop Studio empowers brands to foster meaningful relationships with their customers while supercharging conversions rates through engaging live videos.

Nurture customers leads through informative live video communication and chat moderated Q&A.

Your most valuable asset is a loyal and active customer base. Shop Studio Live is a vehicle for you to generate genuine content that your audience wants to experience.

Set up dynamic live shopping events in a few minutes

Schedule a live event and handpick the products that you want to feature.

Set up, preview, go Live, and manage your live shopping event in the Shop Studio Control Room.

Sell anywhere on any device.

No code or video production experience needed.

Harness, own, and act on powerful live event data

Integrate with your Shopify-powered store to see real-time inventory, add-to-cart, and sales while live streaming

Access post-event engagement and sales and engagement analytics to help you plan future events

What do you need to get started?

Shopify-powered online store

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Shop Studio Live in the
Shopify App Store

Smartphone, laptop, or any other camera

Your smartphone camera should be just fine!

Let's get started!

Download Shop Studio Live

Download Shop Studio Live in the Shopify App Store. Get started with a 7-day FREE trial with full-access to app features.


Plan and promote a live shopping event

Create an event by entering an event title, date, and time. Pick the products you want to highlight during the live stream. Then announce the upcoming live shopping event on your website and social media.

Ready. Set. Go LIVE.

Scan the QR Code in the Shop Studio Live app with your streaming device - your smartphone should be just fine. Click Go LIVE to start broadcasting to your online store.


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