Video Podcast: Building Blocks x Shop Studio Live

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Estefania Millan
Video Podcast: Building Blocks x Shop Studio Live

Want to learn more about how Shop Studio Live got started?

Check out the recent Building Blocks by Brendan Herjavec podcast episode featuring Amer, Founder @ Shop Studio Live.

Amer and Brendan go on a deep dive into new product development, and how Shop Studio Live was ideated, incubated, and launched on Shopify 🛍️.


Shop Studio Live came to life by brainstorming pain points and, from there, generating solutions we could offer. During the COVID-19 pandemic, stores were forced to transition online and saw firsthand how difficult it is to offer customer service and support online. By using Shop Studio Live, merchants create human connections with shoppers, ultimately converting customers through the marketing funnel.



📺 Check out the full episode available on YouTube and all streaming platforms.


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