Hi, We're LIVE.

Our team believes that human connections make better online experiences. We are on a mission to amplify the human aspect of shopping for millions of e-commerce merchants and shoppers.

Shop Studio Live helps customer-obsessed brands create a two-way conversation directly in their online store through an innovative and immersive live shopping experience.

About Us

Shop Studio Live was ideated, developed, and launched through TTT Studios, a world-class digital innovation studio based in Vancouver, BC.

Our Values

Shop Studio Live is...

We never accept the first answer as the only one. In fact, we challenge traditions by continuously rethinking and repurposing the way we use technology.
We believe that human connections make better experiences. That’s why we created a solution that lets you recreate the same carnival-like energy directly on your online store.
We’re like your swim coach. We won’t just toss you into the deep end and walk away. We understand your worries when trying something new which is why we want to listen to you and prepare you with all the right tools.
Shop Studio Live is built and backed by TTT Studios, an award-winning custom software company with over 10+ years of experience serving businesses of all sizes and industries.

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